Wednesday, April 13, 2022

NOCN Level 2 Diploma for Trade Union Representatives - Employment Law

I was pleased to receive my certificates last week for the Employment Law course I finished in December (late due to catching Covid). It was a year long (term time only) weekly course which was held virtually. 

This in no way means that I am in any way a "expert" in Employment Law but it will assist and inform (and has already) my representation of trade union members.

It was mostly personal online study but once a month there was an all day virtual class. 

So far I have never met in person either the tutors or my class. My experience of virtual training was very positive but I did miss face to face contact and debate (and the stopping off for a drink after a class).

The work load was pretty intense at times especially the written assessment and the research project. 

I would strongly recommend experienced union reps apply for this course or any of the relevant TUC sponsored courses

Many thanks to our tutors Abbie and Andy, for their knowledge and enthusiasm and to all the other course members for working and learning so well together. 

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