Sunday, April 10, 2022

"On the Knocker" in West Ham; community mural painting then canvass Green Street West followed by campaign training in St Lukes


Yesterday was busy for Labour activists in Newham. I went canvassing in West Ham in the morning (my colleague John Whitworth is unfortunately laid low but in good spirits with the dreaded lergie). It was nice to have residents wishing us "Good luck" as Labour candidates. One resident said she would not forget to vote since May 5 was her birthday!

I picked up some case work on ASB from an elderly housing association tenant, who was in tears about the behaviour of a neighbour, who lived above.  While another resident was upset about changes to social care payments which I will raise. It was good to see the Ukrainian flag flying in solidarity on a local  window. We had 67 contacts and a very positive reaction. 

After the canvass, I went to the marvellous West Ham ward community mural #LoveE15 in Bull Road with local residents and the artist. We were invited to sign our name on the wall then we painted over it. So every time I go past this mural I can check out my (very small) contribution. 

After a bite to eat at home, I cycled over to Upton Station to canvass in Green Street West. This was very different experience, since we had a well organised canvass of enthusiastic candidates of large family homes, many of which were very proud to declare that they were 100% Labour. 

We had the occasional ear bashing, which frankly in politics you generally have to just take and listen. Most residents were pleased to see us. Some more than others but none personally abusive (which I will not tolerate). 

I was amused to hear one resident saying to a colleague that he will never vote Labour again after a lifetime of loyalty, due to the Council's recent emission based parking charges. When I could see on the app we were using that he had previously told us in 2017 that he was a Conservative Party supporter. 

We had 404 contacts, overwhelmingly Labour.

Afterwards, we had a campaign training event in St Lukes Community Centre, which was really interesting and informative but it had been a long day. 

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