Friday, April 29, 2022

Vote Sonya for UNISON London Local Government & Julie and Anette for London Health - your ONEUNISON "Cost of Living" campaigners


We have really important elections in UNISON just starting. From yesterday, ballot papers would have started to drop through the letter boxes of Local Government, Health and other service Groups up and down the country. Soon there will also be electronic ballots sent to your email address. 

While some positions were uncontested or not contested, in London we have a battle for the London General Local Government seat & Health seats. 

Sonya is the lead in London Local Government for our campaign on the "Cost of Living crisis" while Julie and Anette lead for Health workers. Tell us what is the impact on you and your family of this crisis. 

Check out here what you can do to help our campaign Please share this material. 

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