Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Canning Town South, West Ham & Canning Town North Sunday Canvass


A busy day on Sunday. Starting off with canvass in Canning Town South in the morning. We meet outside Morrisons. Our MP Lyn Brown, was there and gave a quick, no nonsense speech to activists about how important it is to get a good result on May 5, to encourage the Tories to get rid of Boris as our Prime Minister. The canvass itself went well and again, we were picking up support from working class voters, who had previously been against Labour, because of Boris and his "lock down" parties. 

Next we went to my ward, West Ham, to canvass next to the station, led by Lyn and my colleague Cllr (and candidate) John Whitworth. Again, pretty positive and one resident even remembered me speaking to him in 2018. I did not go down well with another resident, who came to the door and I genuinely thought he was under 18 and asked to speak to his parents. He told me he was 28! but Lyn was at hand to rescue the situation and he did sort of agree to vote Labour. 

At 4pm I cycled over to Canning Town North for their canvass of a large L&Q Housing Association estate which I had never been to before. While waiting to start, I had a "row" with an obnoxious fellow cyclist, who decided to give those of us waiting, the benefit of his views on the many failings of the Labour Party (which is fair enough) while interrupting and over talking any attempt to respond to his strident views. When he decided to criticise Angela Rayner MP as being arrogant etc I felt I had to intervene and we had some interesting "exchanges". 

The canvass itself went well with lots of positive support and loyalty for Labour. Our Mayoral Candidate, Rokhsana Fiaz, and all three Councillor candidates were there. One resident worked for an organisation that had actually sacked Boris in a previous job. 

I had another "difficult" conversation with a resident who declared she has never voted Labour and never would because we were all a "disgrace".  To which I said fair enough, but we don't want any votes from people who are personally abusive, so please do not vote for us. 

The majority reaction in all 3 wards was supportive of Labour. I did not come across any evidence of opposition parties canvassing or even leafleting in any of these wards which I genuinely believe is a shame. 

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