Thursday, December 10, 2020

Lola for Labour Kent Police & Crime Commissioner May 2021

I was pleased to see that my UNISON branch comrade Lola Oyewusi has been selected by the Labour Party to be their candidate to be the next Kent Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) in the elections in May 2021. 

Lola understands that she will be the first black female candidate for any PCC election in England. 

Greater London UNISON Labour Link will be supporting Lola (her employer headquarters are in London but she lives and works in Kent) but she will need local help and support. 

Check out

Picture in bottom right of collage is of Lola being supported by West Ham MP, Lyn Brown (& a couple of her local activists) in the 2019 local elections.  


Anonymous said...

What are her qualifications?

John Gray said...

its an elected position so there isn't any? but trade union rep, Parish Councillor, living and working in Kent and single Mum bringing up her family following the death of her husband ticks a number of boxes.