Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Cycling to Cutty Sark


Off message. I decided to try and ditch my "fair weather only" cycling reputation by biking in the winter gloom and cold to the Cutty Sark in Greenwich. My favourite route to the south of the borough is via West Ham Park and the Greenway. Across the A13 footbridge into Beckton Park, then Royal Albert Quay then past the Tate and Lyle factory. 

I took the Woolwich Ferry from Pier Road in Newham to Woolwich. I like using the ferry whenever I have the time. You get a free boat trip (okay - only 10 minutes or so) and some great views of the Thames. 

Next a 20 minute bike ride to Greenwich. The Cutty Sark is obviously closed due to Covid restrictions but it was good to see her again. I was meeting an old friend who I hadn't seen in months for a takeaway coffee and walk in the fresh air. 

To our surprise the "Trafalgar Pub" was still open and serving drinks. You had to text or email your order and they brought outside the beer in plastic cups (with lids). It would have been rude not too. 

After a short stroll and gossip (aka putting the world to rights) I cycled back via the Greenwich foot tunnel (entrance right next to Cutty Sark). Luckily both lifts, south and north, were working. The tunnel comes out in Island Gardens, Tower Hamlets. 

From there I went through the Isle of Dogs and then along the Thames path and the Grand Union canal towpath until Victoria Park. Then through the park and along towpath towards Hackney wick, through Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and finally back home via side streets. 

My phone battery died on route so I am not sure how how long or how far I cycled but I think over 10 miles. But it is pretty flat and if pushed for time you could do a more direct route by main road cycle lanes. 


Anonymous said...

You should have made a stop off at the Thames Flood Barrier visitor centre.

This is basically after you get off the Ferry.

The Flood Barrier is protecting London and almost half of Newham.

John Gray said...

Yes, next time. I guess it was closed that day due to Covid