Saturday, December 19, 2020

Unreported Deaths - Covid_19 cases in UK Food Processing Plants

 A damning report by PIRC here into the failure of many UK food processing plants (the UK's biggest manufacturing sector) to properly report the deaths of their workers from Covid_19 to the Health & Safety Executive and to take effective action to protect them. 

Private sector pension trustees and Local Government Pension committees (and boards) ought to be pressing their fund managers and advisors to be taking this issue seriously. The reputational and legal risk to investors is potentially huge. 

It is about time the "S" in ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) is taken as seriously as "Environment" and "Governance". 

We have the term "#GreenWashing" to describe the prentence by some fund managers and advisors that they take Environmental issues seriously. 

What can we call those who don't take any real notice of #social issues? 


Anonymous said...

I spoke to people at my regular supermarket and asked if any of the staff had been off sick or ill. They said "no". They have been working throughout. They did n't have benefit of staying home during lockdown. I have seen many overweight unhealthy looking older staff, thought they would never make it, but they are at work day in and day out..... Please explain!?

John Gray said...

I think this answers your point.

The post is about food processing plants and not retail