Wednesday, December 09, 2020

LAPFF webinar highlights video 2020 Dec 2-4

Check out highlights of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum virtual conference for 2020 (only 1 minute 40 secs). Despite the challenges of online webinars there was a number of excellent speakers and lively panel debates. 

Check out some provocative statements from different speakers on varied subjects such as "the only bank willing to do business with Donald Trump...ending up with heroin in a vending machine...everyone wants to talk about achieving Net Zero but not about the social consequences...Covid is a signal that we are not managing the planet...companies are not publishing the Covid deaths of their workers since it is "not a very nice statistic"...Covid has made us realise how reliant we are on workers who are not well paid"

Lets look forward to the possibility of attending a physical conference next year in lovely Bournemouth. 

I will post a LAPFF report on the conference later including the session I moderated on Workforce engagement with representatives from the TUC, FRC and an actual real life worker director on a company board. . 

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