Friday, December 04, 2020

"Why you should get a seasonal flu vaccine this year" it's even Vegan!


Following this advice from Public Access Gill and I went for a free seasonal flu injection at our local Pharmacy. 

"Last month Public Health England warned that people who had been infected with both flu and COVID-19 faced serious consequences.

Their analysis of cases from January to April 2020 found people with both viruses are more than twice as likely to die as someone with coronavirus alone.

But Dr Tomar said more evidence is still needed. "The evidence comes from a study with small numbers, just 58 people, carried out in the UK at the start of the pandemic," he explains.

"Again, more evidence is needed before we really know how things pan out if you contract both viruses at once. But from what we do know, your symptoms will be more severe, and it may take you longer to get better".

It is now free for everyone (in England?) if over 50 but if younger check here. If you are not eligible I understand that Chemists will charge around £15 per jab. 

Gill did not feel the injection at all and I had only very mild discomfort. The team at Shermans in Forest Gate were very professional and Covid Safe. You need to make an appointment beforehand. 

Update: after a friend on Facebook said she could not have the jab since it was not veitarian I found out that this Flu jab called Flucelvax Tetra is actually Vegan!

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