Monday, October 26, 2020

Report Slum Landlords for Fly tipping!


It was great to see publicity here about Newham Community Safety team out and about in Newham.
"Last week Cllr James Beckles, Cabinet Member for Crime and Community Safety, joined our community safety cross service 3 days of action in Stratford. They were encouraging people to wear face coverings in the mall, ensuring businesses are COVID19 compliant, picking up on anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping.
Police and enforcement partnership team were also patrolling.
Report it on our website:"

I am really keen that residents report slum landlords who are responsible for many fly tips, especially dumped mattresses and discarded black rubbish bags. Please report them on link above (the vast majority of good landlords are are let down by a small minority of criminals who need to be prosecuted)


Anonymous said...

> I am really keen that residents report slum landlords who are responsible for many fly tips, especially dumped mattresses and discarded black rubbish bags

It seems me Newham Council is directing their policies from their tall and mighty skyscraper ivory tower.

Some of the problems with fly tipping is down to Newham Council.

For years, I have asked neighbours to explain to me, if they known what "bulky" means?. I get blank looks. Is it a word in the dictionary?. Many residents don't know what is means. We have people moving in from different places, countries, languages..... They are not familiar with Newham's rules. Despite what Councillors may think, but Newham is not the centre of the universe.

I have seen neighbours put out a mattress or furniture on the street, and they think it gets taken away by the bin men. They assume it is an automatic process.

The focus needs to be on education. I have spoken to one Councillor in East Ham, about the need to have labels on bins, to explain how to get rid of bulky waste.They did n't follow my suggestion. People may only use the bulky service, once every few years.

I have put leaflets through my neighbours's letterboxes to remind people how to get rid bulky of waste. I know the council advertises in the Newham mag, but who reads that?

I had a neighbour's move in and throw the landlords furniture on the street because they did n't want it. I told them they need to book a bulky service, but they did n't have internet at home as they just moved in. They ran out of data on their phone. Their English was n't so great and so did n't feel comfortable on the phone. Why is n't there a back-up telephone option?

I also note, you invite people to report slum landlords. I have seen tenants and owner occupiers fly-tip. So will you not be prosecuting other groups?

Anonymous said...

One of my neighbours was having building works, their builder ordered a skip. Overnight it was full of other people rubbish. I did see some neighbours during the night . It had cost my neighbour £400 on hiring that skip, they also had to pay road license to Newham Council.

When I saw, the skip the next morning, fly-tippers (neighbhours) had dumped a sofa, as well as a lot of things things. Someone had dumped letters another house (unconnected) to deliberately, to plant false evidence.

They have all seen the TV documentaries, where the council enforcement officers looking through black bags, looking for evidence such as letters. So they blame someone else.

Some of those who were flytipping had cars, so could have taken their rubbish to Jenkins Lane.

If my neighbhour had removed the rubbish which did not belong to him, he would have been guilty of fly-tipped.

The council should provide more support. If people are doing the "right" thing, by ordering a skip, then they should get help and support from the council.

When people apply for a road license, Newham council could set up cameras to catch these pass-by fly-tippers. People don't realise these skips are very expensive.

My neighbour needed another skip, but were reluctant to order another one, as the same things may happen again. They put the rubbish in the front garden. Newham Council sent him a stroppy letter about builders rubbish in the front garden!

My neighbour had to spend another £350 on a new skip. His original skip would have been sufficient.

I don't know if Newham Council would have investigate or followed up.

Anonymous said...

I decide to renew my old and tired kitchen. I dismantled the kitchen cabinet and was about to take it to Jenkins Lane, when I read that kitchen units are "restricted waste". You need a written permission from Newham COuncil. You need to provide a car registration plate. How do Newham Council come up with stupid policies?. I removed my cabinets, so I had to wait two days for a reply and permission slip. In the mean time, where do I keep these kitchen cabinets? If I kept them in the front garden, it would got soaked wet in the rain. The council then expect me to make my car dirty with these wet damp rotting kitchen units? Then have spiders inside those black bags.
Excuse my language, but do the bozzos at Newham Council think through how their policies impact the little people? Do they live in an ivory tower?
For some perverse reason, wardrobes are not restricted waste and can be booked via bulky service, but dismantled kitchen cabinet are not!
If someone had a water leak and their ceiling fell down. Why can't they take their rubbish right away to Jenkins Lane? Is it necessary to wait two days for a permission slip from Newham council! before they can go. What about people who don't have front gardens?
> For each visit you need to fill in our restricted waste authorisation form to ask for an authorisation letter to take your restricted waste to Jenkins Lane.

Why is n't there a not-for-profit waste removal service??

John Gray said...

1. Agree that education is key. We have a high "churn" of residents each year due to the huge private rental sector. Yes, more should be done and the council will prosecute all fly tippers regardless of tenure.

2. I really don't know how the council can be blamed for this? I assume if the skip had been covered and secured overnight then this would not have happened.

3. I assume this process is to stop builders etc dumping commercial waste without paying for it. I agree that this is a rather poorly worded web page and would suggest you contact your local councillors and ask them to take this up.