Tuesday, October 20, 2020

"End our Cladding Scandal: Developers make £5.2 billion in profits while leaseholders face huge bills for safety works"

Need I say any more? Except many leaseholders are not only facing massive bills for the removal of dangerous cladding but also to make good other shoddy and incomplete safety work. While the government as the ultimate regulator of building standards should take responsibility so should the developers and the new home warranty insurers. 

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Glauco H. A. said...

Dear John, you have explained it well in a few words. This is beyond just the cladding, but lack of internal fire breaks,wrong materials used and complete disregard to building regulations. This is compounded by a lack of support by the government in forcing these cowboy building companies to rectify the shoddy work they carried out, like Australia did by imposing a levy on new builts to fund these remedial works.
Instead, the government here gives billions to these cowboy builders to fund new homes when our homes are now worthless. We are the just workers who bought our homes in the belief we were protected by building regulations and the work supposedly to have been carried out building inspectors, but we were duped! Now, when we need the government who is supposed to protect us, not only to collect taxes,they slap us in the face with a sadistic building safety minister telling us we will have to foot the bill. We need our MPS to block this proposed bill to the parliament that will put the last nail in our coffin. England is becoming a third world country with actions like that, when cronies of such a government, made of buidlers lobby groups dictate the countries housing policies. PLEASE HELP US.

John Gray said...

I am fully supportive of campaigns for "for profit" developers, insurers and the government to foot the bill for these costs.

These developers did not supervise their staff/contractors properly; the insurers have enjoyed premiums for many years to cover such shoddy work and the government failed to regulate.

A one off "windfall" tax on these obscene profits would be welcome. Everyone knows that much of these profits are the result of the Government "help to buy" subsidy.

Anonymous said...

> Hat tip Inside Housing (fire wall)

I think you meant to say (pay wall).

John Gray said...

thanks. updated