Monday, October 19, 2020

Christina McAnea for UNISON General Secretary: "A great result for Jacinda and New Zealand’s Labour Party"


"A great result for Jacinda and New Zealand’s Labour Party. Her brilliant leadership has shown how important it is to have women in power"

Christina McAnea

(Christina is in my view the best candidate but also she is the only woman standing to be the first female General Secretary of the largest union in the UK which has 1.3 million members of whom 1 million are women. 

There has Never been a female General Secretary of any of the biggest 5 trade unions in this country. Never...)


Anonymous said...

When I see Jacinda I think "Sir Keir Starmer"... they are so alike.

John Gray said...

politically very true. they are both a breath of fresh air and can win power for labour

Anonymous said...

Jacinda is in a league of her own. She is so far away, so we probably only see a rose tinted view of her and NZ. I like her, I wish she could be our PM.

Keir Starmer comes across well. I like him. Better then Corbyn. Corbyn was no better then Trump, trying to divide people. Corbyn was a spiteful and vindictive man. The Labour party is not just about one man (or woman). Even if I like Kier, I don't like the rest of the Labour party. Rayner should be booted out. I don't like her. I feel let down by Stephen Timms and Lyn Brown. In Labour strong holds, we are stuck with job for life MPs. Why is n't there a review of MPs, after two elections?

I don't trust the Labour party, after the rotten state of politics under Robin Wales. Some of his bad decision impacted my life. The Labour party does n't have quality people in it (sorry if it offends). I am trying to think hard of the words "Be Kind".

Nor do they attract people from a broad range of experience. Most Labour politicians have some cut and paste resumes. They are form the charity sector, NGO or Unions rep ;-) or did Politics at university. No different to the Torys who elected from public schools backgrounds.

John Gray said...

she seems to have a similar working class background as me

and she seems to have spent most of her professional career in policy and public sector but you think she should be our PM?

So no difference between her and our last 2 prime ministers who both came from wealthy and privileged backgrounds and educated in Rugby and Oxbridge?