Sunday, October 11, 2020

ONS Covid-19 Survey


I was randomly selected as to be part of this national survey. I agreed to take part several weeks ago to be swab tested for current Covid infections and blood tested for antibodies (to see if I have been infected in the past). 

However, it has been rather disorganised and I was unable to organise a test due to random telephone calls with no contact details being left so I was unable to respond.  Someone rang me once on the day to "cancel" my appointment (I had no appointment) and rebooked it for the following Monday (but no one turned up)

We finally managed to arrange an appointment yesterday afternoon (4pm) for a very nice lady to call at my home address, explain what is happening and safely allow me to take a Covid swab (via my tonsils and nostrils) and for her to take a sample of blood. It took about 15 minutes. I will have weekly swab tests and another blood test in 5 weeks. 

She did not know when I should  receive the results but I will be texted and sent a letter.  I should therefore know whether I currently have Covid (I have no symptoms whatsoever) or whether I have any antibodies which indicate that I have had Covid in the past (again, I have had no previous  symptoms). 

I will update this post when I receive the result and would also encourage anyone else who have received a similar invitation to take part in this survey.

We all need to know this information.Your involvement will be kept secret but we need to know how prevalent Covid is in our communities. 

(and yes a US multinational is running the survey)


Anonymous said...

Yes...NHS track and trace is crap. I was clapping for this organization?

John Gray said...

Not "NHS" but being run by a private "for profit" company which runs call centre and visits