Friday, October 09, 2020

Newham Against Immigration Centre @NewhamAgainst


Tonight I spoke to some young people from Newham via zoom who were very concerned about a proposed immigration detention centre being built by the Home Office in Royal Docks, Newham (and other things). 

Many Newham Councillors (excluding obviously members of the Strategic Planning committee who legally have to remain open minded until they hear any actual application) the Mayor, Rokhsana Fiaz, and local residents have already voiced their opposition to having an immigration detention centre with 35 cells in a historic warehouse in Royal Docks, right next to the Excel Centre. 

The warehouse was originally built in 1850-55 to house imported tobacco products. Bearing in mind the era I wonder if it has any connection with the slave trade? 

Check out Mayor report here and follow

There has been no planning application so far to Newham Council for a change in use for permission to turn it from an office building to an immigration "enforcement detention centre". 

However, the Home Office has started its own consultation process on this and I would encourage residents concerned about this to make their views clear here

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