Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Workers Memorial Day - Tuesday 28 April 2020 Theme: Coronavirus

For a number of years my trade union branch (UNISON Greater London Housing Associations) and West Ham Labour Party have supported Workers Memorial Day with a ceremony at the "Clasping Hands" statute in Stratford.

Workers Memorial Day is an international event held every 28 April to remember workers who have been killed at work or have died from work related diseases.

This year we cannot hold such a physical memorial event due to Coronavirus social isolation requirements, but I think everyone understands that 2020 Workers Memorial Day, will be especially important, as we remember all the health and care workers who have died from Coronavirus as well all the other workers such as the bus drivers, cleaners and shop workers.

Check out the call by the TUC for a minutes silence at 11am on Tuesday 28 April.

I have to make the point that no one mentions at the current daily Government briefings on Coronavirus that we are now trying to play catch up after 10 years of austerity for the NHS and social care never mind the official ridicule and scorn shown in this past decade towards workers "elf & safety".

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