Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Before and after: What could possibly go wrong?

Off message but many thanks to Gill for cutting my hair this afternoon with my redundant beard trimmer!

I have always disliked having long hair.

In the scheme of things this is all very unimportant but I thought it may offer folk some light relief.

Recently I spoke to an old friend who lives in the country who had just cut her husband's hair with horse clippers.

We watched a few YouTube videos beforehand and then took the plunge. We didn't have any decent scissors so used the short hair setting on side and long on top. It seemed to have worked.

There is a small bald spot on my left hand side from over enthusiastic clipping but luckily with Zoom and Skype meetings,  all you need is a frontal look.

No one mentioned it at the Newham Council all member Skype briefing this evening which I chaired.

I offered to return the favour to Gill and cut her hair but for some strange, strange reason she said no!!!!!!! 


Anonymous said...

Got your favourite shirt on too...must have been a good day.

John Gray said...