Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Self isolating circular walk from Forest Gate via Bush Wood & Wanstead

On Sunday Gill and I took advantage of the lovely weather to walk from home for our hour of exercise. We went via Wanstead flats (Epping Forest) past Jubilee Pond into Bush Wood then Wanstead then home. There is loads of beautiful openspaces and parkland within London.

As you can see, pretty much everyone we saw was acting appropriately and keeping to government guidelines. If we keep this up then our parks and open spaces will not have to be closed.

I note today that the French government have banned taking physical exercise between 10am to 7pm. Hopefully, if we keep to our government guidelines such drastic measure will not need to be introduced in the UK. 


Anonymous said...

On the whole people have been behaving in parks. However, I am frustrated by people spitting. They seem to be largely men, commonly East Europeans in their 20s.

The Council needs to put signs about spitting or catch a few people. I saw people spitting, but was worried about filming them in case of retaliation. May be people who spit should be police tagged and banned from leaving home as punishment. Why should everyone else who is following the rules, be under more severe lockdown.

I have seen cases, where someone will spit on the grass and then moments later, there will be an unsuspecting person walking in proximity.

Spitting and talking (in confined spaces) can create micro-droplets in aerosol form, it can linger for some time.

(The video refers to indoor space. The behaviour of micro-droplets outdoors will be different due to a variety of factors, wind, heat etc...).

Anonymous said...

Exercise is a great way to boost to the immune system. I would not want to see them closed or privileges to be curtailed.

A number of gym and instructors have been experimenting by providing classed for free via Facebook or uploading classes on YouTube. They are n't earning any money from doing so.

In my opinion, some of these fitness instructors, do more to boost people's health then the local GPs (in fairness, a GP only has 10 minutes).

Anonymous said...

Supermarkets are probably the most dangerous places to catch the virus. There are people who appears unwell, but going to the supermarket.

John Gray said...

various communities are accused of spitting. We will prosecute if appropriate people for spitting (which is an unacceptable practice)

Lets keep to the advice from public health experts. I have never seen any of them say supermarkets are "most dangerous".

Anonymous said...

>> Lets keep to the advice from public health experts. I have never seen any of them say supermarkets are "most dangerous".

The experts have it wrong.

In the CONTEXT of a lockdown, supermarkets are the most dangerous places to catch the virus.

Went to the supermarket. I picked up a shopping trolley. I put a coin in. I waited in line for fifteen minutes to get in. I reach the entrance and there they have the cleaning station to clean to clean the trolley. This is too late. I have already touched the trolley. Some people did clean trolleys, but what is the point, if they re-touch the trolley. Their dirty hands, re-infect the trolley.

I also observed, whilst queuing. There are always one or two people who are unwell, coughing away. No one says anything to them. One elderly man pulled his handkerchief blew his nose. Some people are selfish. Why did n't he stay at home?

I have been to various supermarket outside the Borough. The behaviour is generally the same. Sick people going to the supermarket.

People coughing away inside supermarket.

In Austria, wearing a mask is compulsory.