Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Christmas Story. East London. 2017 (In one of the richest countries in the World)

I have just donated £50 to the Magpie Project in Forest Gate in lieu of xmas cards to friends and colleagues.

"Welcome to the Magpie Project

We can’t solve the housing crisis, but we believe in making children’s lives better during their time in temporary accommodation.

We provide practical support and advice to mothers and children under five in temporary or insecure accommodation in Newham.

We believe all children have a right to a secure, safe place to play, healthy food, engaged parents, and access support no matter what their family circumstances".

I admit to being somewhat hypocritical since I like getting xmas cards myself and to being disorganised and a little lazy with sending cards but I do prefer donating (and then sending daft e-cards).

I know people who volunteer to help in this project and I think the above caption about "this is a crisis" says it all.

It also reminds me why we need a proper Labour government in this country.

Magpie project

Donate here 

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