Sunday, June 11, 2017

Some facts and figures about 8 June

Hat tip to Dave Ratchford for the chart and figures below. Worth reflecting about I think. 

"Labour Share of Vote in recent elections

1983 206 seats 27.6% of the vote 8.4m
1987 229 seats 30.9% of the vote 10m
1992 271 seats 34.4% of the vote 11.5m
1997 418 seats 43.2% of the vote 13.5m
2001 413 seats 40.7% of the vote 10.7m
2005 355 seats 35.2% of the vote 9.5m
2010 258 seats 29 % of the vote  8.6m
2015 232 seats 30.4% of the vote  9.3m
2017 262 seats 40 % of the vote  12.87m

Dave calls the result "Not a win.  But pretty much a victory in my book on the way to winning that war". 

I must agree.

On the Andrew Marr show this morning it was amazing to see George Osborne sticking the knife into Theresa May calling her a "dead women walking". Jeremy Corbyn was interviewed and looked relaxed and confident (while Theresa May was according to Osborne being  "hidden away").

Tonight, speaking to my Mum on Facetime, she told me how proud she was that so many people had seen through the Tories and being brave to vote for Labour despite all the nasty and horrible media attacks.  If we unite, next time we will win.

I must agree (not only as a dutiful son)

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