Friday, June 09, 2017

West Ham General Election Result June 2017

Picture collage from our Count in the early hours of this morning. A fantastic result for team Lyn Brown. As Agent I was so proud of all our West Ham activists, who have tirelessly campaigned near and far for a Labour Government. Which of course we have not got (yet). 

Lyn has very "generously" given us 2 weeks off. Then back to the grind. Personally, I can't see this Tory/Ulster Unionists coalition lasting very long. 

I was post further on Election Day when I recover.

"West Ham Constituency:

Elected: Lyn Brown, Labour Party, 46,591

Others: Patrick Spencer, Conservative Party, 9,837; Michael Spracklin, Green Party, 957; Kayode Shedowo, Christian People
s Alliance, 353; Rosamund Beattie, UKIP, 1,134; Paul Reynolds, Liberal Democrats, 1,836.

The turnout was 65%. The total number of votes cast was 60,708. The number of ballot papers rejected was 161. Lyn Brown polled 36,754 votes more than her nearest rival".

I think that is 77% of the vote. How humbling is that.

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