Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Eric Roberts - plans for memorial tribute

"Following the sad and untimely death of UNISON's president, Eric Roberts, the General Secretary and the Presidential Team have proposed that UNISON should host an event in Eric’s memory as a tribute to his life and work.  

The NEC suggested that the event should be held on the 8th February, possibly in the afternoon in central London.  This is a tentative date at this stage as we need to evaluate the potential number of attendees.

Please use this survey to register your attendance so we can establish the number of people who will be there and help us make a final decision on the venue and a date.  You can complete the survey multiple times and share it with others to register:

(In real life Eric would have been embarrassed about any "fuss and bother" being made over him and he would definitely had made a self depreciating joke or two about such plans. But I do know that a number of UNISON activists, up and down the country, want to come and show their respect for Eric and I am really pleased that UNISON is taking such care in planning this event)

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