Sunday, January 15, 2017

London Loop Walk: Section 9 - Uxbridge Lock to Moor Park:

To confuse matters this walk is posted out of sequence on this blog due to my error. This was the second day of a weekend "London Loop" walk. This is a circuitous 150 mile walk in stages around London which my wife and I started in 2015 and have still not finished.

On Saturday 18 June, Gill and I walked from the Causeway to Uxbridge lock. We stayed the night in a local pub then the next day walked from the Uxbridge lock to Moor Park. This was about 10.25 miles according to the book.

At the start of the walk there was the most friendly, daftest ginger cat ever, wanting strokes and attention (left of picture) which is always a good start to any walk.

The walk was mostly along the Union Canal leaving London far behind us. Stopped off at Fran's Tea Garden for coffee and cake.

At Copper Mill you leave the canal and soon reach lovely, remote rural countryside with great views. Next was Bishop's Wood country park, very pretty, but a little muddy and the route was not very clear.

Near the end you pass a "Coal Post" in the road, which was where in Victoria times, traders had to pay a toil for coal and other items which they were bringing into London.

Another great London Loop walk around our capital city. Only 6 more to go. I am determined to finish these walks this year (2017)

Check out more pictures of the walk on my London Loop Facebook page

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