Wednesday, June 01, 2016

"It’s a man’s world" Mayoral Elections

Not sure that blaming trade unions for an Executive Mayor macho culture is fair? Especially in unions such as Unison whose membership, officers and activist base are predominately female but this article does makes some valid points.

"The Guardian’s Helen Pidd asks why mayoral elections, especially in the new “metro” areas, are being dominated by men – specifically among the Labour Party.

Liberal Democrat Sue Derbyshire, former leader of Stockport Council, thinks that Labour's rooting in the world of trade unions has led to a "macho" culture that favours bruising election battles: "It creates a male-oriented way of doing things. Women often do things differently.”

Jean Stretton, leader of Oldham Council – the only female of 10 leaders in Greater Manchester's constituent councils, comments: "When I first became a councillor in 2003, frequently the only other woman at a meeting would be taking the minutes. Now… Things are definitely changing for the better. It will just take time for those changes to filter up to the top."

The Guardian, G2, Page: 14,15"

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