Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Tories are divided, but at this crucial time, Labour should not be

Unison statement by our General Secretary, Dave Prentis Blog  "Last summer, our union nominated Jeremy Corbyn for Labour
leader, and a great number of our members voted for him in the Labour leadership contest.

Support for Jeremy remains the position of this union, as determined by our members through our democratic structures.

At our Labour party members’ conference next week we will have an open and honest debate about the future of the party, and how Labour wins the coming election.

It is not the PLP or trade unions who now elect the leader of the Labour Party – it is party members and affiliate supporters, and that mandate should be respected.

It is essential that the Labour Party is united in dealing with the huge threats to our economy, society, the disturbing rise of racism in our communities and attacks on public services as our country faces a period of huge uncertainty.

The Tories are divided, but at this crucial time, Labour should not be.

As we appear to be moving towards an early general election, our members need strong and united leadership from the Labour Party.

If MPs choose not to serve in the shadow cabinet, the Labour leader has a right to seek to form a shadow cabinet and lead our party as long as he has the support of party members".

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