Tuesday, June 21, 2016

UNISON NDC 16: Tuesday morning

Guest Post By NEC member Elizabeth Cameron. "And we're off! !! ‪#‎uNdc16‬ gets underway.

Fairly lengthy but also interesting standing orders report delivered by new chair Mark Rayner for whom this is a well deserved achievement,

Mark has worked tirelessly for years on this committee and couldn't be a better replacement for Clytus (never knew how to spell his name apols if it's wrong).

The annual report is moved and Financial statements and accounts both accepted with some additional work we need to do with our members. The hall is full and I forgot how lovely it is at this conference bumping into old friends from across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in all of our sector groups. I hope we can look within the next few days at ways we can work together to do the best job possible to represent and campaign both with and for our members especially on equalities Black, Women, LGBT and Disabled.

I'm excited and proud to be speaking on Motion 65 'How much worse can it get for Black members' on Wednesday, when I'll also be a speaker at the 'Show Racism the Red Card' fringe in Syndicate room 3. A magnificent organisation and tireless campaigner against the growing tide of racism xenophobia and anti immigrant feeling.

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