Monday, June 20, 2016

Unison NDC 16: Greater London Regional Delegates meeting

Unison is back in Brighton for its National Delegate Conference. The NDC is the annual Parliament of our 1.3 million members. Over 2000 delegates and visitors will be in Brighton for the conference

Picture is from the London meeting this evening for delegates. Regional publicity convener, Lynn Bentley, is speaking about the daily newsletter she helps publish for delegates. 

The elected regional  delegates Yvonne and Mandy, give their report and make it clear that their role is to help delegates enjoy and participate in the conference (they are not there to recommend local pubs, give train timetable information or change hotel rooms). 

Jim, our regional representative on Standing orders committee made it clear that conference itself really decides on how conference is run. If conference wants to let dozens of delegates give endless speeches self congratulating themselves on motions that no one disagrees with then so be it. It is not the role of SOC to interfere, it is up to conference to stop this and raise points of order to bring the debate to a close. 

The regional staff conference team were introduced and the importance of making sure that delegates attend all debates and are properly scanned in as they enter the hall was explained.  All branches were also reminded to make sure they pick up their Card votes!

Finally, Karen reminded us of regional conference events. Tomorrow lunchtime (Tuesday) at 12,30 3rd floor BCC there is a new and lone branch delegates lunchtime event (which  I really recommend). 

A motion re-prioritisation  huddle on Wednesday 5pm at confrrence floor and our regional social on Wednesday 7.30pm at the Holiday Inn (£5 per ticket). 

Enjoy conference delegates!

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