Thursday, December 03, 2015

Vote Labour in Boleyn (and Oldham West)

Good luck to Veronica and Jim

Veronica Oakeshott been elected as a councillor in the Boleyn ward by-election held on Thursday 3 December 2015 after the death of a councillor earlier this year.

Veronica secured the majority of votes out of the six candidates who stood in the election.

Returning officer Kim Bromley-Derry announced the turn out to be 20.88  per cent. He said: “It is with sadness that we have had to hold this election today, but I would like to thank all the candidates and staff who participated in this by-election.”

The by-election was called after the death of Labour councillor Charity Fiberesima  in October.

Newly elected councillor Veronica Oakeshott, said: “Thank you to the residents of Boleyn for electing me as their new councillor.  I will endeavour to serve the community well and look forward to working with the Mayor and my fellow councillors during my term in office.”

The full results are:
1.    Emmanuel FINNDORO-OBASI  Conservative, 171
2.    David MEARS, UK Independence Party, 78
3.    Sheree Venessa MILLER, Liberal Democrats, 181
4.    Veronica OAKESHOTT, Labour Party, 1,440
5.    Diane OFORI, Independent, 10
6.    Frankie - Rose TAYLOR, Green Party, 117

·        Total Number of votes: 2,005
·        Turn out: 20.88 per cent
·        Number of valid votes: 1,997
·        Number of Rejected Votes: 8

Hat tip Newham Press Office

Oldham West & Royton result:

LAB: 62.2% (+7.5)
UKIP: 23.3% (+2.7)
CON: 9.3% (-9.6)
LDEM: 3.7% (+0.0)
GRN: 0.9% (-1.0)
MRLP: 0.5% (+0.5)

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