Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sunday Night Live: Syria and Airstrikes

A week on from the Commons vote, which extended Britain’s bombing campaign against ISIS into Syria, this Sunday Night Live special explores where now for the multinational coalition against Daesh.

With on-going controversy surrounding Cameron’s widely challenged claim of 70,000 moderate Syrian opposition fighters ready to defeat Daesh, military and security experts are cautioning Britain to be realistic about the extent to which UK action can shape the outcome of the conflict. They are also warning the international community to be ready for the long haul as events on the ground continue to outstrip the pace of diplomatic efforts.

This Sunday Night Live session, with leading experts and commentators, will explore:
  • The kaleidoscope of interests at stake in the Syrian conflict, and how these are hampering international diplomatic peace efforts; 
  • What needs to happen to bring regional and global actors round the table to break the current paralysis over the future of Assad’s regime; 
  • The military challenges to the current ‘degrade’ objectives of the counter ISIS-strategy and how to protect Syrian civilians – are ‘no-fly zones’ completely out of the question;
  • How coherent is the international strategy to defeat ISIS and end the civil war in Syria; 
  • The domestic implications of the terrorist threat posed by ISIS and where now with the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy.  

Money will also be collected on the evening for the UNHCR Syria Crisis Appeal. 

Stratford Picturehouse bar - Salway Road. Stratford . London E15 1BX GB - View Map

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