Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dave Prentis re-elected as UNISON General Secretary with huge majority (Miserablists come bottom)

Great news. UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis, has been re-elected by members for another 5 years. He received just short of an absolute majority of votes 49.4%.

  • Roger Bannister 16,853 (12.6 per cent)

  • John Burgess 15,573 (11.6 per cent)

  • Dave Prentis 66,155 (49.4 per cent)

  • Heather Wakefield 35,433 (26.4 per cent)


    Commiserations to Heather Wakefield and Roger Bannister for coming 2nd and 3rd. While I was glad that the disgraceful campaign by the miserablists resulted in them coming bottom yet again. 


    I will blog further on them later and what can only be described as the conspiracy by sections of the ultra left to discredit the union #forgerygate

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