Sunday, February 15, 2015

West Ham & Ilford North Valentine's Day Labour doorstep

Picture from our Valentine "on the knocker" for Labour candidate in Ilford North, Wes Streeting.

West Ham Labour had two canvass teams working with local activists in Fairlop ward. While Lyn Brown MP ran a telephone canvassing bank at the Ilford North HQ.

We had a pretty successful canvass.  With a hard core Tory voter telling us they are impressed with the hard work and dedication by Wes and his activists.

I was pleased to meet one voter who said she had been luke warm towards Labour but had been impressed at what she saw on TV last week when Ed Miliband made our education policy launch.

I knocked on one door and a young girl aged about 11 opened it and I asked to speak to her Mum or Dad. She said she would find out and closed the door and after a few minutes she came back and told me "mum said no one was in". Fair enough!

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