Monday, January 05, 2015

Learning & Organising in Greater London UNISON 2015 (defend members & fight union busters)

If you are a London UNISON activist then download our training programme and application form for 2015 courses. I will be applying to go on the refresher steward course this year (under the Employment Rights Act unions are obligated to make sure that their stewards are "competent" - so UNISON runs special refreshers for experienced stewards).

As well as introductory trade union and health & safety courses there are others on team negotiating, TUPE, sickness & capability procedures, local negotiating & representation, dealing with reorganisation and redundancy at work, bullying & harassment, employment law update,  IT, discipline & grievances hearings, equality duties, stress in the workplace, chairing meetings and race/sex discrimination.

Our respected trade union education programmes for stewards, safety reps and activists is one of the main reasons why anti-trade union rogue employers (such Ealing based  Catalyst Housing Association) are Union Busters. If they de-recognise a trade union then union reps are not allowed time off to go on union courses on how to effectively represent their members.

This means that employees will not have trained local reps to represent them in discipline, sickness and grievances hearings but also employers will also be able to carry out whatever restructures, job revaluations and redundancies they want without collective bargaining.

The best people to represent staff and establish good industrial relations with management in the workplace are elected trained trade union stewards and safety reps who work for the employer supported by the unions full time officials.

It is a more than a shame that some senior managers don't understand this and prefer instead to breach human rights and practice anti-democratic American style union busting. In this country the wider Labour movement will never accept this and will defend collective bargaining and do whatever it takes to oppose union busters.

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