Sunday, March 10, 2013

Help Mums not Millionaires

"Happy Mothers Day!

This morning a group of mums went to Downing Street with a simple message: This Mothers Day David Cameron should help Mums not Millionaires.

In April David Cameron is handing a £100,000 tax cut to millionaires, while imposing a £180 “Mummy Tax” with real term cuts in maternity pay, taking money out of the pockets of mums, at a time when family budgets are already being squeezed.

This is another example of David Cameron failing in his pledge to lead “the most family friendly government ever”. He would rather cut taxes for millionaires than for families.

You can still support our campaign to help mums, not millionaires: "
 Ed Miliband

(hat tip great Picture of Sarah and Millie-Rose, Tameside)

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