Sunday, August 05, 2012

Trotski finishes 16th (but still beats TUSC)

Ivan Antonovich Trotski from Belarus finished 16th in the London 2012 Olympics 20k walking road race. Mind you he still did better than the TUSC in the British local elections in May.


Hat tip Ali G.


Anonymous said...

And he didn't do bad for a boy from Minsk,capital of the last Stalinist dictatorship in Europe called Trotski.
Of course, if history had worked out differently it could have been the last surviving Trotskyist dictatorship in Europe.
Save Draycott

John Gray said...

Hi Dave

Not bad at all.

What do you think about the view that a trotsky dictatorship would have been as bad or even worse than Stalin? (and we would have lost the second world war to the Nazi?)

The 50k is on Saturday. Good luck Trotski! (not many would expect me to ever say this)

Anonymous said...

Hi John
Stalin was a murderous psychopathic dictator, Trotsky would have been 'merely' a murderous dictator: so roughly comparable.
Would we have lost WWII as a result? Don't think so. The Soviets achieved what they did in spite of Uncle Joe, though he got his bollocks back as the Nazis approached Moscow and at Stalingrad. In fact Trotsky was a lot more physically courageous than Stalin.
For some time as the Nazi attack first hit Stalin ordered the Soviets not to fight back: he couldn't believe it was happening and as a result of the Soviet Nazi Pact didn't want to upset Adolf!
Also though Trotsky would have purged,it's hard to imagine purges more extensive than Stalin's in the 30's and just before the war he managed to wipe out all of the Senior Officers in the Red Army.
Trotsky would however have been just as vicious with forced collectivisation which resulted in the man made Ukrainian famine which weakened Soviet agriculture. He would have carried out breakneck industrialisation with its problems and human misery. He did successfully organise the Red Army in the Civil War.
At the end of the day they were both murdering bastards who would shoot you as soon as look at you. A ball that Lenin started rolling. The Soviet System sucked.
Of course if Britain had fallen there would have been no War to join. The Yanks would probably not have supported Stalin alone and the war would have been lost.
Hope this post doesn't 'upset' too many Trots n Tankies.