Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Miserablist loses the plot (while having a strop)

Check out this great article in UNISONactive about the hypocrisy of the miserablists, who are actively trying to destroy the new local government pension scheme. Putting aside for the moment that the new LGPS 2014 is a victory for the union (and our members - in particular low paid women workers), the chief miserablist is having one of his "know it all" strops and attacking anyone who dares to disagree with him. 

While at the same time ignoring basic principles of trade unionism by declaring UDI from collective decisions made at conference and by elected lay members.


Anonymous said...

Looks like he is looking for a way out and feels it is time for him to leave. If he is disciplined then he gets publicity for a year and becomes the hero? (as opposed to a bore that he is perceived to be right now) that way he will be remembered in several cheap drinking pubs as the one who resisted.. you get the drift? That's the rumour anyways.

John Gray said...

I couldn't possibly comment anon