Monday, August 20, 2012

GMB vote 95% in favour of LGPS: Further Misery for Miserablists

GMB member's of the Local Government Pension Scheme have voted by 95% in a secret postal ballot to support the new look scheme.

"Brian Strutton, GMB Public Services National Secretary, said “GMB members have spoken loud and clear.  The new LGPS 2014 proposals represent a fair and balanced outcome which means the pension scheme will remain affordable and sustainable; GMB members have recognised this as shown by the overwhelming vote in favour".

The UNISON ballot is ongoing. The ballot helpline close's tomorrow and the vote ends on 24th August.  Of course the UNISON miserablists are being even more miserable than usual at the GMB result. Does the GMB have miserablists or is it just an affliction that UNISON suffers from?

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