Saturday, August 18, 2012


...and Vote for Cara! In the 2012 Westminster Dog of the Year competition. West Ham Labour MP Lyn Brown's pet Cara is up against dastardly Tory and Lib Dem opposition.

Cara is a one year old Yorkshire Terrier and is often seen out campaigning for Labour in West Ham and other parts of the UK.

(yes, this is the silly season but an election is an election. So spread the word)


macuser_e7 said...

There is no small irony in the current social media campaign among Newham Labourites to encourage voting for Lyn Brown's dog.

Lyn clearly 'doesn't do digital' - she doesn't blog, is not on Twitter and replies to emails with old-fashioned letters. If she had the slightest clue she could campaign for Cara herself.

Maybe a more appropriate campaign for you and your colleagues would be to get Lyn online (and no, her current boilerplate web site doesn't count) and engaged with her constituents more directly.

John Gray said...

Hi Martin

This is Lyn’s call not mine. While you make an valid point I'm not sure that her constituents in West Ham are that bothered that their MP is accessible by email, Facebook or twitter (as opposed to social media fanatics such as ourselves) as long as she is contactable and does take up their issues?

I also think that most would rather a Royal Mail letter from their MP than a “tweet”?

Anonymous said...

"Most ridiculous Newham Recorder article: MP Lyn Brown gets freebie garden makeover from local charity run by Labour Party colleague. "

Can't Lynn Brown afford to pay someone to do her garden? She is well paid. Scrounger.

macuser_e7 said...


I am one of her constituents and actually it does bother me that my MP is (relatively) harder to contact than she could be. And failing to engage with social media makes it harder for her to solicit support for local campaigns. 99.9% of the time I have no idea what Lyn is up to or what her priorities are.

Compare and contrast with Walthamstow's Stella Creasy, who I think does an excellent job.

Yes, it's Lyn's call in the end but influential members of her local party (yes, that's you!) could give her some friendly advice.

Anonymous said...

John Gray said...

Hi macuser

Noted but I think it is relative as you say. I suspect that given my track record in social media and the "problems" I have encountered along the way that I might not be the best person to tell Lyn how wonderful it is :)