Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Strike to Defend Your Pension: 30 November 2011

This morning I received by email new posters and leaflets about the UNISON strike action on 30 November.  Yesterday I met up with UNISON Housing Association Branch staff and our regional officer to plan our response.  I am also
organising a branch strike committee
meeting for next week.

Good news today that the School Headmasters unions have voted for strike action on 30 November to save their pensions. This is I understand the first strike action by Heads in over 100 years.

There are at least 13 different unions planning to take action.

So far we are planning at least two branch picket lines. One in North London and one in South London. UNISON will be calling out members to strike in a number of Housing Associations. We are also asking for support and solidarity action for those who are have not been currently balloted.

There may be more picket lines but for many members this will be the first time they have ever been on strike. So it is vital that we make sure that we hold organised and effective pickets. I am also trying to help co-ordinate action within my employer for those members who are not part of my branch and those in our sector who are in other unions. All this in a fragmented workplace and multi-employer branch/region is complicated and difficult... but not impossible. Who said life had to be easy?

After the pickets we will encourage everyone to attend the regional rallies taking place up and down the country.

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