Saturday, November 05, 2011

Wrecker of the Week

The candidate for this week must be the NEC member for Brighton Pavillion who in this post on Tuesday did the Tories dirty work by telling lies and slagging off Newham Council and London UNISON Labour Link. 

It is a shame that he is wants to try and destroy unity over the Public Service Pensions and is too cowardly to have a go at people directly - but what else do you expect from these people?

Ultra left extremists of course consider that they are the chosen ones who have seen the light and therefore think us proles are just too thick to know what is good for us.

The selfishness and arrogance of such people is simply breathtaking.  I cannot understand such disloyalty? I can only conclude that they do not want national strike action to take place since they prefer that nothing is done so they can just continue in their comfort zone of constantly attacking the union.

The truth of the matter is that Newham Council passed a supportive motion unanimously in May over pensions and the reason why other London Councils are now passing similar motions is down (in part) to the work that UNISON Labour Link (regional and national) has done with London Councils. 

I do however enjoy the irony of someone who I am reliably told by local elected Labour Council comrades is considered a figure of ridicule complaining about anyone else not doing their bit.  I of course couldn't possibly comment.

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