Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Striking for Pension Justice on November 30

Today Wednesday 30 November UNISON and 36 other trade unions will be on strike and/or protesting to protect public service pensions from collapse. If these schemes go - then Pension Trust and Social Housing
Pension Schemes could be next
(Note could be – we simply don’t know what the fall out will be)
Some UNISON members may not even be in a pension now but one day they will want to belong to a scheme that is secure, affordable and will look after them and their family. The existing public service pensions are benchmarks for all schemes. Unless we win this fight then everyone’s future will be at risk. Members ask themselves “do they want to end their lives living in poverty?
Never forget that not a penny of the money that ministers are trying to take from pension schemes will go towards improving them, instead it will simply all go to the Treasury to pay for the excesses of the bankers.

The branch is organising two Official Strike pickets and lobbies - starting 7am in Central London
  • · Circle Housing Group Headquarters in Islington Circle House 1-3 HighburyStation Road, London N1 1SE – 3 minutes’ walk from Highbury & Islington station.With “Jive for Decent Pensions lessons” at 11.00am Contact: John Gray 07432 150 530 

  • ThamesReach in Aldgate Gem House, 122-126 Backchurch Lane, London E1 1ND – 3 minutes’ walk from Aldgate East Contact: Joel Bodmer 07891 941 376
UNISON have balloted 12 London based employers on Strike Action. See UNISON strike action 30 November FAQS 
Colleagues on the picket lines and lobbies will be handing out leaflets to non-union staff and members of the public explaining why UNISON members are taking action. It is expected that all schools will be closed.  
Other events
· TUC regional rally, assemble from 12 noon Lincolns Inn Fields, march 1.00pm to rally 2pm at Victoria Embankment, SW1. 

· Join local UNISON picket lines, NHS hospital lunch time protests and rallies where you live map of events. (branch press release)


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You'll be pleased to hear that the Thames Reach picket got into Socialist Worker's coverage of N30:

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