Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Newham homophobe and the real Gestapo

It seems that former Councillor and religious fundamentalist Alan Craig has got bored with stirring up religious hatred over so called “Megamosques” and has now started picking on Gays and Lesbians. In an article published on his blog (and to its shame The Church of England Newspaper) he has compared Gay and Lesbians activists to Nazi, storm-troopers and to the Gestapo (Hitler’s secret Police).  He even uses the term Gaystapo.

Now, it is a free country and he is perfectly entitled to hold such medieval views on homosexuality no matter how abhorrent all right minded people think of them. But to accuse them of being Nazi's and Gaystapo is not only an unforgivable insult to the memory of the tens of thousands of gays who were gassed and murdered in Concentration camps during World War 2 (see picture above) but in the lead up to Remembrance Sunday it is also in my view a slur on British war dead.

Such as Squadron Leader Roger Bushell (left) who was part of “The Great Escape” and one of the 50 unarmed allied airman shot in cold blood by the real Gestapo - or British Special Operation Executive heroine Violette Szabo (right) who was brutally tortured by the Gestapo and later murdered in a Nazi death camp.

Nazi's and the Gestapo in particular were quite simply utterly vile and utterly evil monsters. To compare Gay activists with such psychopaths in order to score cheap political points is just repugnant. To compare them with the animals who murdered war time British heroes and heroines is a disgrace to their memory.

Craig thinks that his sort of Christianity in this country has a hard time. I can agree that sometimes people of faith are seen as easy targets for unnecessary mockery and ridicule. But as pointed out in the comments on his blog, no-one in recent history has been kicked to death in Britain just for being a Christian. While time and time again we see that Gay people are targeted, beaten and murdered just because of their sexuality. Craig doesn’t appear to care that publically denigrating Gays in such a way may result in further bloodshed. Since he must know that expressing his views in such ways will be counterproductive to his "cause" I am forced to conclude that this is actually all about Craig. He is just a self seeking publicist who will do anything, no matter how revolting, just in order to draw attention to himself.

On lighter note here is a link to the video I took of Craig when he was soundly defeated as a Newham Councillor and Mayoral candidate last year. The ordinary people of Newham showed him what they thought of his extremism and bigotry.


Damien McKee said...

I am gay myself but find myself in agreement with Alan Craig about the gay rights zealots that are intolerant towards anyone who mildly disagrees with them and there's Johanna Baxter in Holyrood who seems to think that vocing concern about churches potentially facing prosecution if they refused to conduct same sex marriages was a disgrace!and shows that Alan Craig was right in what he said and I myself am happy with civil partnerships and don't agree with redefining marriage.Iris Robinson or Ann Widdecombe(bad an as all as she is)would be fit for her!

John Gray said...

Hi Damien

I think the issue is not that there are not gay right zealots but the use of the term Gestapo/Gaystapo/storm troopers to make cheap attacks for self seeking purposes. This trivialises the murder and torture of millions including British troops in the second world war. He is also whether he realises it or not inciting hatred

I note Craig has deleted and not published my links on his post. A coward as well as a bigot.