Saturday, November 26, 2011

Anti-trade union legal parasites touting for trade

I find it incredible that supposedly reputable solicitors are cold calling employers that are facing pension strike action next week, claiming that due to trivial balloting irregularities, they could claim damages against unions and that they can then discipline their staff. 

Now I can understand that if solicitors are contacted by their clients for advice they would have to give the appropriate legal guidance. Every employer knows that due to the anti-trade union laws in this country it makes it possible to challenge perfectly legitimate disputes. 

What we have here are solicitors who claim on their web site to be committed to always acting in a “Socially Responsible Manner” touting for fees. Exploiting procedures to try and discipline (and I assume) sack ordinary workers striking to save their pensions.

Apart from the morals or the ethics of trying to get people sacked for exercising their human right to withdraw their labour, you have to question the judgement of such people who think they can make a quick buck out of other people’s misery. When I look at their list of clients I recognise a number of employers who I know will be shocked at what they are trying to do.  I can only hope that they immediately review whether or not such people are fit and proper to advise them and that they take appropriate action. 

This doesn’t let the Labour Party off the hook either. You can argue the pros and cons of whether there is the right balance in legislation over industrial disputes (and you can guess my view) but what is indefensible and simply wrong is that the last government did little or nothing to stop minor and petty procedural issues being raised to stop legitimate action and to potentially sack people.

Faced with such disgusting behaviour motivated only by fat fees and commissions for already rich and highly paid people is it no wonder that so many young people despise our current political system.  They think that the injustice is such that it legitimises carrying out direct action and occupations.

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