Tuesday, November 22, 2011

London Marathon Training Wk 4: Sprints and West Ham Park

Toughest session of week was the “jog for 10 mins, run for 5 mins, jog for 10. Then train at maximum effort for 45 secs, walk for 3 minutes and repeat 8 times”. It wasn’t as bad as I expected since a 45 sec sprint is a damn sight easier than 60 or 75 secs. I actually enjoyed this session and felt tired but exhilarated afterwards.

Best run of the week was around West Ham Park on Sunday. Warm up jog through Forest Gate along Woodgrange Road, past the Siam Cafe (the best Thai restaurant ever), then along the back streets to Romford Road. Very misty but warm for time of year. West Ham Park has been owned and managed by the City of London since 1874. It is also the largest park in Newham. While I would prefer that it was run by a more accountable public body I have to admit that it looked after well by the Corporation and its staff.

The park use to be owned by the Gurney Family. By coincidence they were mentioned on The Today programme this morning as a 19th Century Quaker Banking family who took their social responsibilities seriously unlike modern day financiers. All of the Park lies within my Council Ward of West Ham. I would recommend a walk around the park and the seven acre ornamental garden in particular. The 30 minute run around the park and back home went really well. I am beginning to feel quite strong running (not jogging) for this period of time.

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