Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Family Mosaic "Slash and Burn" Pay Cuts: UNISON to Ballot on Strike Action

2nd branch press release on Family Mosaic. "UNISON is to immediately conduct an indicative ballot of its members at Family Mosaic over possible strike action. The move is in response to Family Mosaic’s proposal to cut the pay of its support staff and increase the working hours of its entire 1,500 front line staff based in Essex and London. Staff members who do not agree to the changes face being dismissed. There is considerable disquiet amongst Family Mosaic staff who state that senior management will not face similar changes to their pay and conditions. The union will also be providing its members with legal advice in response to the employer’s threats to dismiss staff.

UNISON Essex regional organizer, Nick Bradley said : “ This employer by trying to bully staff into agreeing individual pay cuts of up to 35% are acting like one of the very worst employers in the UK. Apart from legal action that we will vigorously pursue with our members we have no choice but to go into dispute – and we are now asking our members whether they would support strike action to defend their terms and conditions. There is still time for Family Mosaic to sit down and talk to us and withdraw their bullying letters to staff” 

London UNISON Regional Organiser, Colin Inniss, said: “Family Mosaic chief executive Brendan Sarsfield’s (grayee -see picture above) claim that the average pay cut will be 2 percent is disingenuous. Combined with the unpaid increase in working hours, the average pay cut that staff face is 8.5% with some members facing cuts of over 11%. This is a man who - gallingly - saw his annual remuneration increase by 4% in 2010/11, taking his salary up to a whooping £172,000. How exactly does the Family Mosaic Board justify paying their chief executive such a huge salary whilst making cuts that will push front line staff members into poverty?”

For Further information or comment please contact:
UNISON Regional Organiser, Nick Bradley on 0790 867 2899,
UNISON Regional Organiser, Colin Inniss on 07703 194 127
Notes for Editors
1. UNISON’s represents over 60,000 members in the Community and Voluntary sector.
2. Family Mosaic own and manage 23,000 properties across, 27 London Boroughs and in Essex. It has a significant Supported Housing business providing nursing, care and support services to around 4,000 people.
3. Family Mosaic’s operating surplus rose from 19% in 2009/10 to 26% in 2010/11. The Group’s net surplus increase to £34 million in 2010/11, a rise of 4% on the previous year.
4. In July 2011, Family Mosaic finalised the purchase of Hyde Housing’s £14 million-turnover subsidiary, In Touch, which provides services to 4,200 people and includes 120 contracts.


Anonymous said...

what care staff? The tenants are living in sheer terror of the staff, I do not agree with cuts generally, but Sarsfield has reigned terror on many tenants over the years, he's evil, tenants he has rendered disabled for life with his terrorist tactics and hate crimes - the cuts have only just begun, Sarsfield will have to justify his manic behavior and his spending on extravagant lifestyle - with charity money - get real- Sarsfield is disgusting evil

John Gray said...


I don't think cowardly anon attacks on people assist whatever cause you think you are helping.

Grow up please.