Thursday, November 03, 2011

UNISON Votes for Strike Action on November 30

UNISON members balloted over the future of the Local Government Pension Scheme have voted by over 76% in support of strike action.  While the NHS scheme had an equally decisive 81% in favour.

Unless a deal can be reached co-ordinated strike action and protests to defend pensions will take place on Wednesday 30 November 2011. 20 different unions will be taking part.

This evening elected UNISON lay officials (Service Group Executives: SGE) members including myself met at the UNISON Centre in Kings Cross, London. We had a presentation on the ballot result and also the new "principles" that the Government put forward yesterday.   These principles were not an offer and still assumed a 50% hike in pension contributions which could result in the schemes collapsing. All the SGEs then met separately and voted to agree to the strike call. 

Picture are members of the Community & Voluntary SGE with our General Secretary Dave Prentis after our unanimous vote to agree to Strike action.


Anonymous said...

How many voted then? 30% of the total?

John Gray said...

Hi Anon

Which is 7% more than total that Tories got in 2010 and 6% more than Boris got in 2008.

So you think that neither the Prime minster or London Mayor has no legitimacy????

(trick question)

Anonymous said...

do you think its fair that a low paid cleaner in the private sector should subsidise the very generous pension of two headmasters i know and a prison warder who retired in their early fifties and do not go without thier foreign holidays
it makes my blood boil

John Gray said...

Hi anon
Well, the truth of the matter is that the low paid cleaner does not “subsidise” their pensions nor that they are “very generous”. These are simply lies.

I don’t know about prison service schemes but the in the teacher scheme you have to pay 6.4% of your pay to get a pension around half pay & lump sum 1.5 final salary after 40 years paying in.

Half pay after 40 years is hardly “very generous”. Should they get less half opay after 40 years? Employer contributions (private and public sector) pay 14.1% which is in line with long term trends and similar to what many private only schemes cost.

All public service schemes have agreed to cost capping so employers will not pay any more if future costs rises.

This is the truth not the lies.

The real victim is of cause the low paid cleaner who is likely to be on minimum wage, contracted out to an exploitive employer, no company sick, or holiday or pension pay. If the cleaner works in the City s/he probably pays a higher % of their income in taxes than the executives.

Now methinks why doesn’t this make your blood boil?