Friday, November 18, 2011

Greater London UNISON Pension Strike Briefing

Picture is from the very successful London UNISON pension strike briefing on Tuesday.  The room was packed with reps from all over London and all parts of the union.  There was standing room only.

Regional Secretary Linda Perks is seen hammering home the importance of successful strike action to save members pensions and how we need to organise to win. I was impressed with the mature and constructive comments and questions made.
Of course there was some daft stuff by those who don't understand what strikes and picket lines are about. As well as the grumpy obligatory sectarian leadership bashing. However, I was also astonished at the praise heaped on Labour Councils for their support of our cause by one comrade.  Who I have known for nearly 20 years and who has never, ever said a good thing about Labour before.  Perhaps he has seen the light:) 

Anyway, overwhelmingly a good solid, purposeful and determined meeting.  While we all hope for a negotiated settlement, if we don't get one, roll on N30.

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