Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jiving for decent pensions: November 30 Strike and Protest

Video from UNISON Housing Association Branch picket and lobby in Islington yesterday.  Check out the formal report on the branch and regional strike here. Sarah is our Branch Finance Officer and a champion Jiver and instructor.

It was I think a useful "stunt" to capture people attentions. Shame I am am quite so useless at it!


Paul Day (Sarah's dance partner & fiance) said...

You didn't look too bad for a first timer John, and at least you gave it a go. Great to see an "anything for the movement" attitude too.

With more notice I would have happily come along too and got Sarah dancing at full force (and to be honest working yesterday - at the charity where I am now, I did rather miss being part of yesterday's action).

John Gray said...

Hi Paul

I was rubbish. Despite Sarah's best efforts.

Next time both of you can show us how its really done.

Damien McKee said...

What is your view on Jeremy Clarkson's comments about striking public sector workers!

The Kid said...

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Anonymous said...

@Damien McKee

The Jeremy Clarkson is an own goal for the unions. Jeremy is a bit of a comedian, I love Top Gear for entertainment value, I don't take him seriously. Perhaps, the unions should have done the same.

Anonymous said...

What Jeremy Clarkson said was tongue in cheek.

However, when the Union spokesperson compared Jeremy Clarkson to Gadaffi, this was highly improper. She was a Union official and she should have know better.

John Gray said...

Hi Damien & Anon

1. Clarkson is a ignorant, self publicist bore
2. As pointed out by Tom last night since most Unison strikers are women, what he was actually saying is that mothers should be murdered in front of their children!
3. Not funny.
4. Clarkson is a ignorant, self publicist bore