Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Newham Labour Group Statement on Pension Strike Tomorrow

At last night's meeting of Newham Labour Group the following statement was agreed unanimously. 

"We are proud of our Council staff who work extremely hard to deliver the high-quality services that our residents value, despite the savage and unprecedented cuts being imposed by this Tory-led Government.

At the same time, the pensions of Council staff in Newham and across the country are also under attack. Trade union members have a legitimate right to take action in defence of their hard earned pension rights, many of whom are low paid and cannot afford the proposed reform of public sector pensions.

We understand and share the anger felt by Council workers towards the Tory-led government's attack on their pensions and we sympathise with Newham residents who will lose out through the disruption to vital services as a result of strike action against this Tory-led government."

It is already existing Council Policy to oppose the attempt the wreck the local government pension scheme. See here and here.

Picture from the TUC March in March. This was the Newham assembly point outside Stratford Station. East Ham Labour MP Stephen Timms, Newham Labour Mayor Sir Robin Wales and members of the Labour Group, with trade unionists and Party members.

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