Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Panorama - All Work and Low Pay

Check out last night's BBC TV Panorama expose here of UK work exploitation and pay cuts.  The picture right is a frame from the programme which featured the recent strike by Scottish "Charity"
Quarriers over a 20-25 pay cut for their staff.

In probably one of the worlds worse PR performances the TV presenter asked the Quarriers CEO why he wasn't having a 20% pay cut himself? He responded that it would not make any difference if he cut his own pay.

No difference...hmmm... apart from the obvious arguments about leadership and setting an example, surely it would make a difference to costs if the management senior management team were to "share the misery" equally and take 20-25% cuts in their pay (and perks)?  Don't CEO's "get it" that organisations were there is such blatant inequalities end up being "failing" organisations in the same way as the book "The Spirit Level", argues (convincingly in my view) that countries that are more equal are more successful in every aspect.

The programme is on BBC iPlayer until 16 October 2011.

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