Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ken's "#Housinghorrors" Campaign

"Rip-off agency fees. Deposits lost unfairly. Rogue landlords evicting tenants with little notice and hiking rent with no warning. Smashed windows, faulty locks and broken fridges not being fixed for weeks or months. Rodent infestations. Damp and mouldy bathrooms being left to rot.

These are just some of the housing horror stories Londoners renting in the capital have told me about in recent months. But I am under no illusions that there are many more out there.

Hundreds of thousands of people live in the private rented sector across London and I am determined to stand up for ordinary Londoners and improve housing for all.

In the coming months I will be setting out ambitious plans to improve the private rented sector which will be shaped by the experiences of Londoners.

I’m urging people to tell me about their housing experiences so that if elected I can take action to improve housing for all.... get in touch on my facebook page, or on twitter using #housinghorrors"

Read about it on the LHG Red Brick blog http://redbrickblog.wordpress.com/
or on Ken’s own website http://kenlivingstone.com/housing-horrors

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