Friday, October 14, 2011

Debate "Should trade unionists support the Labour Party?"

I have been invited to debate "Should trade unionists support the Labour Party? with the London branch of the Socialist Party (Great Britain).  I have of course accepted (personal capacity only). The agreed invite will state:-

"Bill Martin (Socialist Party Speaker).
John Gray (Labour Party Activist and Blogger -
"Should trade unionists support the Labour Party"

Thursday 17th November 1930hrs. @ Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London, N7 6PA.   (Nearest Tube Holloway Road.)
I do not know that much about the SP(GB) except some of them have posted a few comments on this blog over the years.  While I would not always agree with all their comments they have usually been pretty thoughtful and intelligent (unlike their evil wannabe doppelgangers).  I was also very fond of the regular East End historical and political columns by the late Robert Barltrop in the Newham Recorder, who was a member of the SP(GB) for many years (he did eventually leave).
I look forward to the debate on the 17th November (which by coincidence is in the same building as my UNISON branch office).   There will also be apparently a YouTube video recording of the debate. 
Picture above is of some of the Labour Party banners that took part in the Labour movement TUC March for Jobs, Growth and Justice on March 26th.  Double click pic to bring up detail.

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